What are BLURRD imgz?

February 15th, 2022

It's art - simple as that.
The backstory behind these BLURRD imgz isn't some in depth story or anything, but simply just a representation of a BLURRD img.

🖼️ Why are the imgz BLURRD?
The BLURRD concept derives from my old graffiti name. So to keep up with the branding and make things more fun I started to blurr imgz.

🤔 Wtf is BLURRD?
Birthed from the streets of skateboarding, BLURRD is a digital architect based in Las Vegas.

🗺️ Roadmap??
Besides the default incentives from receiving merch, gated entries, etc. Wtf else would you want? Serious question, in fact I am so serious that you can submit suggestions here.

🧬 Technology Used?
Python, Solidity, Brownie, ChainLink, & FileCoin.

Also, we don't do paid promos for our project that's super lame lol